Art by Mel Oppenheim

Special Projects

film stuff

About 3 years ago I started producing films with my brother/director. (If that isn’t special than I don’t know what is!) Here are a few below. Most recently, I also started making my own handmade jewelry and am in the process of creating custom metal vases! Stay tuned for more info on that. Want to collaborate on something? Email me.

What kind of person takes a cruise not for a week or a month — but for the rest of his life? (Tribeca Film Festival 2018 selection, Sundance 2019, and New York Times OpDoc.)

An airport parking lot in Los Angeles has become an improvised village of airline workers. (New York Times OpDoc)

To beg for leniency, defense attorneys are producing tear-jerking documentaries for an audience of one: the judge. (New York Times OpDoc).

& other recent stuff

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confetti vases

For some reason I love drawing potted plants — especially the pots. So, I’ve begun to embark on creating some of my favorites IRL. Hoping to have a limited number of these ready for Spring 2019! Be the first to know when these are ready.



This fall I started designing and making handmade jewelry. Now ready, “Moon Discs,” feature gold, silver, and rose gold wabsi sabi circular discs.



Designing fun, immersive, in-person experiences, I love to bring ideas on paper to life IRL. This one is called the #ProgressPavilion which was built as a 2 week pop up for Int’l Women’s Day 2018 in NYC.